Improving the Remote Learning Experience - Tips and Tricks

Would you like to know if there is anymore you could do to suuport your child through remote learning? If it is, this article is for you!

Helpful tips for an improved remote learning experience.

Here at Point Cook College we recognise that there are so many variables to having a successful remote learning experience. This can include age, comprehension, welfare, home support, cultural or language restraints, learning difficulties, just to name a few. We will do our best to work with each and every family to provide the best possible learning we can, but please ensure that you are patient. Teachers are parents too and many are home schooling their own children at the same time as supporting yours. Whilst this is not always ideal, it is the reality of remote learning during a pandemic.

We want to assure you that we recognise that you are not a subject matter expert or teacher. The most important thing you can do, as a parent or carer, is to continue to provide comfort, support and encouragement to your child. You can help your child to learn from home by working with their school and supporting your child as they undertake the activities provided. Remember that this is new to everyone and working openly together will always be the best option.

How PCC will support your child:

  • Teachers will communicate clearly with your child about responsibilities and expectations.
  • We will provide learning activities for your child to do at home, online is the best option, however hard copy activity packs can also be provided.
  • Encourage the use of the usual communication tools such as Compass, the website, weekly bulletins, emails and other online tools.
  • We will provide technical support with devices, where possible.
  • We will monitor all students and offer additional help if needed or requested.

What your child's responsibilities are:

Your Prep to Year 4 child can;

  • Check in with their teachers regularly.
  • Do their best work by completing tasks on their own
  • Do their best to meet timelines, but don’t worry if you can’t complete tasks in full.
  • Tell their teachers if they have any concerns or issues.
  • Working with and support their classmates

Your Year 5 – Year 9 child can;

  • Check in with their teachers during scheduled live classes.
  • Do their best work by completing tasks independently.
  • Ensure they meet timelines and deadlines set by teachers.
  • Tell their teachers if they have any concerns or issues.
  • Working with and support their classmates
  • Following their school's behaviour guidelines

Ways you as a parent or carer can support your child:

Setting up a learning environment:
Every home is different but it’s important to provide a quiet and comfortable space in which to learn.

Where possible, extended learning should take place in a space your family shares. For example, a lounge room or dining room. These spaces are preferable over a bedroom, where your child can feel isolated and supervision can be more challenging.

Establishing routines and expectations:
Start and end each day with a check-in to help your child. These check ins can be to ensure that they understand the instructions they get from their teachers and help them organise themselves and set priorities for their learning at home.

A healthy daily routine is great for mental and physical health, as well as concentration and learning. Encourage regular exercise breaks. This might mean going for a walk, using exercise DVDs and apps, dancing, floor exercises or using home exercise equipment.

Encourage healthy eating habits and make sure they drink enough water.

Communicating with your child:
We encourage you to start and finish each day with a simple check-in. These check-ins can be a regular part of each day. These questions allow your child to process the instructions they get from their teachers and help them organise themselves and set priorities. Aside from any scheduled teacher check ins, you could also check-in with your child throughout the day. This depends on your child’s needs.

Parent check-ins (Morning)

  • What are you learning today?
  • What are your goals?
  • How will you be spending your time?
  • What resources do you need?
  • What support do you need?

Parent check-ins (Afternoon)

  • What did you learn today?
  • What was challenging? You could come up with a way to deal with the same problem if it comes up again.
  • Consider three things that went well today. Why were they good?
  • Are you ok? Do you need to ask your teacher for something? Do you need help with something to make tomorrow more successful?

Work with PCC not against us

By maintaining an open channel of direct communication, you will be ensuring that your child receives your feedback loud and clear. We are all working towards the same goal. As frustrating and stressful as remote learning can be, we ask that if you have any problems, you contact your child’s teacher directly.

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