PCC Bulletin - Term 3, Week 10

End of Term 3
It has been a challenging term for us all, but we can proudly say that we have made it. We have spent extended periods in remote learning and we are sure that the kids are eagerly awaiting the return to onsite learning, the teachers sure are! But for now, lets focus on a few of the positives that came from this term;

Year 8 Snow Camp
Prep Flat Teachers 
Book Week Celebrations
Book Week Dress Up Day
Book Week Competitions
Fathers Day (special people) Dress Up Day
Whole School Footy Day

Coming Up In Term 4
Whilst there is still uncertainty around our return to onsite learning, and when we can excpect restrictions to relax, we can still look forward to some exciting things that are coming in Term 4. Please keep in mind that dates and conditions may change depending on these updates.

Monday 1st November - Day off Before Cup Day (Extra Long Weekend)
Early November - The Color Run
22nd to 26th November - Year 9 City Experience Camp
December - Grade 6 & Year 9 Graduation

There are so many other exciting things in the pipeline that will be announced once we can return onsite. These are activities that will make up for some lost experiences due to cancelled camps and remote learning.

YMCA Update
This week our programs continued to provide fun and exciting opportunities for the kids to enjoy a range of activities. Some of the fun things we did this week were;
  • Word searches and colouring sheets
  • French toast making
  • Wii games
  • Milkshake making
  • Tie Dye
  • Oobleck
  • Scones
  • Chocolate slices
  • Movies

Visit https://childrensprograms.ymca.org.au/before-after-school-programs/point-cook-college  for more information and enrollments. For further information please call 0459 999 138 or email John at pointcookoshc@ymca.org.au

YMCA Holiday Program
YMCA Holiday Program Spring 2021

Get Active Holiday Challenge
After yet another term with extensive lockdown, we could all do with being a little more active. For some added motivation, maybe a challnge is the answer.

For further information go to https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/wrahc

Grasshopper Soccer
Still looking for more ways to keep the kids active? Term 4 programs for Grasshopper Soccer are open now. Check out their flyer for more info - Grasshopper Soccer T421

2022 Contributions

On the first day of Term 4, the 2022 Contributions will be released via Compass Course Confirmations.

Paperchase Office National was successful in the 2022 Book Pack tender. This year, just like last year we will be using an online only ordering system. A note will come home with your child that explains how to purchase the book packs during the first week of term 4.
For your convenience, iPads will be available in the college office during Term 4 for you to complete your online order and payment. If you need assistance, office staff will be available to help you utilise this service. 

Paperchase will be opening the online ordering portal for our P-6 families on the 4th of October.  Paperchase will then open the 7-9 portal at a later date that will be confirmed shortly.

P-6 Book packs ordered before Sunday, 9th January 2022 will be delivered free of charge to the college and will be distributed to the students 2022 classrooms. If you purchase after this date, you will incur a $5.50 administration fee. 7-9 book packs will be delivered to your nominated address instead of the college. Your child/ren will be required to bring those items on the first day of school in 2022. Complete Packs only can be ordered through the Paperchase Booklist website. It is not compulsory to purchase the book pack through Paperchase, however, below are a few considerations to make if you are thinking about purchasing from elsewhere:

  • The books that are on the booklist have been selected for a reason, for example, the width of the lines.
  • Your child’s teacher will refer to the different pictures on each of the exercise books to assist the students in knowing what book they need for each subject area.
  • Conveniently all required resources for the year can be purchased from the one place.

You will also be able to pay for the 2022 Contributions through Paperchase when you are purchasing your child/ren’s book pack. If you pay for the 2022 Contributions through Paperchase, you do not need to pay for them through the college as well.
The following payment options will be available through the college if you do not decide to pay for them through Paperchase:

Compass Course Confirmation (CompassPay) – This payment method will take the whole amount.

BPAY - You can nominate to pay all or instalments of the Contributions.

Centrepay - Nominating an amount of your Centrelink benefits to be directly deposited to PCC.

College Office – You are able to come to the office and pay via EFT.

We believe it is important for us to be able to support families from financial hardship which is why we are offering multiple payment options and are happy to discuss further with families if you have any concerns regarding the charges.

To access our Parent Payment Policy and Parent Payment Arrangements please click here.

3 Year Old Kindergarten Support Program
If you come from a culturally or linguistically diverse background, and you feel you may benefit from some support around your shild and accessing three year old kinder, then this may be a session that would benefit you. 
Community Hub - 3yr Old Kinder Support

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