PCC Bulletin - Term 4, Week 7

  • Principals Message

    Some of you may have noticed my absence over the past few weeks, I am currently on leave to care for an unwell family member. As such, Tracy Peters has stepped up into the Acting Principals position with the ongoing support of our Executive and Leadership teams.

    Many of you will already know Tracy as our Assistant Principal and member of our College Council. Please feel free to approach or contact Tracy for any concerns over the coming weeks.

    I look forward to seeing you all upon my return. 

    Acting Principal Update

    As the end of the year sneaks up on us I would like to, once again thank our teachers, our students and all parents for their hard work and goodwill as we managed the pandemic and the moves in and out of remote learning. I want to acknowledge the achievement of all during this challenging time. 

Our NAPLAN data has reassured us that we have done very well as we are working at or above state level in numeracy and literacy. This is a wonderful outcome and a testament to the partnership between school and home.

As we move into 2022, we are planning and working to ensure that all students are supported to achieve their best. We will be building on our Tutor Learning Initiative, introducing the Middle Years Learning and Achievement Initiative, and after a comprehensive Department School Review, implementing our new School Strategic Plan and 2022 Annual Implementation Plan (which will be posted on the website) focussed on both Learning and Wellbeing.  

I understand that over the last two years, communication with parents and carers has been difficult given the lack of direct and or easy access to both teachers and leadership. The senior leadership team will be reviewing our communication strategies and please don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions for improvement.

The school leadership team have become aware of concerns raised in the school community regarding the number of staff that have left over the past 2 years. I would like to address these concerns and reassure the school community that some of the rumours circulating in the community are incorrect and misleading.

Whilst it has not been easy watching staff move on from our College, we have had to take into consideration the needs of our staff and how these have changed over these difficult times.

Firstly, four staff have made the decision to leave education to support family businesses. We have always encouraged our community to put family first.

Four staff have retired and are now enjoying time with their families and loved ones.

Three staff have moved interstate - as have many Victorians.

Five of our staff have secured ongoing jobs in new schools. PCC was not able to offer this level of security due to budget restraints. 

Six staff have been supported to apply for and be appointed to promotional positions.  

We are so proud of the fact that our strong commitment to professional growth has resulted in these six staff being appointed to Principal/Assistant Principal/Leading teacher or Learning Specialist positions within the state system. Of particular note is the appointment of Lizzie Tout as Principal, at Hamilton North Primary School.

A number of staff have spent 2021 away from PCC. They have been involved in many interesting and self fulfilling tasks including, working at other schools, having babies and just generally enjoying a well earned break.

We are excited to welcome back the following staff in 2022. 

Dani Mather
Kharlie Bellegante
Loretta Cachia
Natika Van Hulst
Robyn Fincher
Kevin Roberson
Kat Hamilton
Brad Petter
Steph Renna
Cheryl Jensen
Gill Irvine
Mandy O'Mara (Currently on Carers Leave)
And Marg Holness (Returning August  2022)

As a College we continue to invest in our staff and work with them to enhance their teaching abilities and leadership capacity, allowing them to be better teachers and leaders. Building the competence of staff is rewarding for us as a College, knowing that we continually grow and equip our staff as leaders within our system.

I need to advise also, given other concerns raised, that Casual Relief Teachers (CRT) are in short supply across the system and this issue is state-wide.  Our CRT Agency informs us these concerns re job security and the lack of international teachers has impacted the supply of qualified staff. I understand that the Department are currently running a recruitment campaign to address the state-wide shortage of CRTs. I can reassure you that we have several CRT’s who request to only work at our College due to the support and planning they are provided, this is something we continue to be proud of.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of the amazing new staff members that we have recruited. Daniel Roberts will be joining our P-4 Leadership Team and Tara Parker will be joining our English/Humanities team. I am really excited to share their short bio's with our families in the coming weeks.

We hope that this information has shed some light on concerns raised on social media recently. 

The partnership between school and home has in many cases been strengthened over the period of remote learning. However, we remain concerned that social media is used to raise concerns or complaints about our College. I encourage all our parents/carers to please bring your concerns and questions directly to us so that we can provide the most up to date and most accurate information, or work with you to resolve your concerns.  We ask if you have any questions or concerns that you address those directly with the Executive team and not on social media. 

As mentioned earlier in this letter, we are working as a Leadership Team and with School Council to review our school/parent communication processes and practices and look forward to feedback from you as this work unfolds.

It has been a great pleasure to welcome back on-site our children and young people to Point Cook College.

I would like to share with you all how proud I am of how students have returned to school and back into their normal school routine. Our 7-9 students completed their exams this week and did so with such maturity. We are extremely proud of their efforts.

The College has been working hard preparing for the various transitions across the College. We have organised two dates for our 2022 Prep students on the 3rd and 10th December. 

Our Year 7 transition Program will take place on the 7th December at the college. The Year 9s will participate in an online transition Program at both Point Cook Senior and Homestead Senior on the 7th as well. Year 9s will not be required to attend school on this day.

We are also working hard on organising our Year 6 and 9 Graduations. The students are very excited that this can take place.

Finally we have a number of excursions taking place in December. Our Year 9s will be heading off to Luna Park for the day on the 9th December.  Students in Years 7-9 can also attend a fun day at Adventure Park on the 3rd December. Our 5/6 Students have been invited attend a Fun Fields excursion on 13th December.

Tracy Peters
Acting College Principal

Year 9 Graduation Fundraiser

Our Year 9 students are hosting a fundraising event to put towards an amazing graduation celebration. The day has been supported by The No Nasties Project, who have provided icypole freezies for the day. All funds raised go directly to the students. Also on this date, all students will be able to attend uniform free if they donate a gold coin towards this great cause.

Friday 26th November 2021
Year 9 Fundraising Day
Bring $2 and support your fellow PCC students

Curriculum Day

Just another reminder to ensure our whole community is aware, that Monday 29th November 2021 is a whole school curriculum day. No students will be on-site. This is to make up for the postponed day in early November.

School Car Park - Tom Roberts Parade

Since the return to on-site learning, it has become apparent that parents are parking in the School Staff Carpark for drop off and pick ups. This is a Staff Carpark only and parents should not be using this. Cars have been found double parked, blocking others in and accessing it to collect children. Moving forward, please do not use this carpark unless you are a member of staff.

Community Hub Notices

The following videos are of members of the community talking about their real experiences in getting vaccinated.  Each video shows a different experience. All the videos have English captions but you can also find the videos on our Diversitat Telegram Channels.

  • Arabic – Marwa


  • Dari – Mustafa


  • Karen – Mutheinchri


  • Swahili – Michael



Vaccination Proof - In your Preferred Language



School Crossing Job Advert

We have previously been asked by parents/carers from our school community about recruitment of School Crossing Supervisors.

Wyndham City Council have advised that they are currently recruiting for Casual positions on their website.


Western United Football Club Memberships

WUFC 3 Game membership, offers a 50% discount on ticket prices and is discounted by a further 30% exclusively for PCC families. 

As part of this membership you will receive

- Access to 3 Western United matches
- A membership voucher for our online shop
- Membership sticker
- Access to exclusive partner offers

If you have any questions please contact our Membership team on 1300 46 864 833 or membership@wufc.com.au


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