PCC Bulletin - Final for 2022

Principals Update

It has been great to hear and see the many events and celebrations that the School has held over the past week to recognise the amazing efforts of our students and the PCC community.

As you may be aware, I have accepted a position in North Western Melbourne for the first three school terms, 2022.  Given the tenure of the vacancy, Principal Selection -Expression of Interest (EOI) process was undertaken consistent with the Department policy. It has now been confirmed that Matthew Naudi has been successful in being appointed acting Principal, Point Cook Prep to Year-9 College. Matt will commence as acting Principal, Day One, Term One, 2022.   

Matt brings senior leadership experience in both primary and secondary schools within the Western Metropolitan Region and Southern Metropolitan Regions. Most recently Matt has been acting Principal, Tarneit Prep to Year 9 College during 2021 which is a school of over 2,000 students and 237 staff. I know that you will welcome Matt to the college as we move forward with the new Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plans into 2022.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Tracy Peters who has acted in the Principal role during my absence.  Of course, Tracy will continue to lead the college as Assistant Principal into the new year.

Thank you to all of our Students, Families and Staff for your efforts and commitment to PCC during yet another challenging year. I look forward to seeing you all again at the end of 2022.

Mandy O’Mara
Principal, Point Cook College

Dogs Connect Program

As the community is now aware, Mandy O’Mara, College Principal has taken a 3 term contract position for 2022 at another school. We hope she has a fantastic start to 2022 and will be welcoming her back upon that term’s completion. We have received a few questions in relation to the Dogs Connect Program that we would like to clarify.

PCC have sought support and direction from Dogs Connect in regard to the appropriate response to Mandy’s departure in relation to the wellbeing dog, Cookie. We were advised that It is crucial we consider the wellbeing of Cookie when discussing plans for his future. Some of the questions asked included.

Who is the dog really well connected with? Everyone who is involved in primary or secondary carer roles should be included in these conversations.

What are the cost implications – who paid for the purchase of the dog and does this need to be compensated?

What are the ongoing changes for the School Community?

For the school to make a decision that accounts for all the considerations above, we have discussed the options with Mandy (Primary Carer), Brigitte (Secondary Carer) and Dogs Connect and College Council. From these discussions it was determined that Cookie would not be attending onsite whilst Mandy is Acting Principal in a different School. Cookie is still a puppy, in his early training stages, and this was further impacted by remote learning and the inconsistencies that this year presented. Due to this, it would be unreasonable to separate Cookie from his Primary Caregiver. Both PCC and Mandy have offered financial compensation to PCC and this proposal will be presented for discussion at the next Finance Sub Committee meeting.

It is important for our community to remember that if Cookie was to be purchased out, the School is still an active member of the Dogs Connect Community and has paid for that program separately to the dog. PCC is committed to the program and will continue to work with Dogs Connect to provide wellbeing support to the student community. We will continue to work with Dogs Connect and hope to have better success with the program when onsite learning continues in 2022.

2022 Parent's Committee

Involving our Parent/Carer community in the School community allows them to support the interests of the community that they represent. Through this role, parents/carers work collaboratively with the School to highlight the needs of, and add value to, the student experience. The aim is for the parent/carer community to have an opportunity to assist and add value, through involvement and engagement with the school community.

Starting in 2022, PCC will be launching a Parents Sub Committee to ensure that the school community feels involved and heard. The hope is that this bridges the gap that some people may feel in regard to communication and decision making.

Keep an eye on the bulletin in early term one for further information regarding how you can get involved.

Also, in early Term one, the College Council nominations will be requested. If you wish to be involved in College Council then when you see the nomination call, please express your interest. Further information about College Council can be found on our website.

Soccer. Soccer. Soccer.

Registrations for the Youth Cup tournament open 8 December 2021 - https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/youth-services/services-programs/youth-cup-empowerment-project-2021  

The tournament will take place over 2 days:
Qualifying match day | Wednesday 12 January 2022, 9am – 5pm
Grand Final Day | Friday 14 January 2022, 10am – 4pm

Here are the categories to enter in:
Men: 12-15 yrs and 16-18 yrs
Women: 12-17 yrs 

Where: Arndell Park, Truganina

Registrations close on the 22 December 2021

There will be prizes for the winning teams along with free goodies on the grand final day for all players registered

Don’t miss out and register in time!

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