PCC Bulletin - Term 1, Week 4


Everyday Matters!

It is so vital that every child attends school on time everyday. All too often as students arrive late, or are unnecessarily absent, they miss out on learning that takes place in the classroom, opportunities to problem solve and friendships.

We strongly encourage all parents and carers to please ensure that your child arrives at school on time each day to maximise their learning opportunities. The below two tables show the impact of absence and late arrivals to school.


Late Arrivals:

College Teacher Positions

As you are aware, Victoria is in the middle of a teacher/ staff shortage due to COVID-19. At the start of this year, the College had 16 classroom teacher position vacancies and over the weeks have worked incredibly hard to employ only quality teachers to work with all our staff and students..

From 16 College classroom vacancies, we are now at 4.

We would like to thank our amazing parent and carer community for all your support, understanding and patience through this time. We understand that this has been challenging for the parents, carers and students without a classroom teacher, but all CRT teachers receive support to ensure that teaching and learning across every class strongly continues.

We are continuing to work incredibly hard in this area and thank our community for all their support and understanding!


All staff have completed proofing of the class photos and they are going to print early next week through MSP Photography. 

If you are wanting to purchase photos and have not done so already, please go onto Compass and select ‘Click here to place your order today!’ (see below image) before Monday to ensure your order does not incur additional delivery costs!

Classroom Libraries

We are putting a call out for families that have non-fiction books in their homes that are not being used and are suitable for classroom libraries. If you have any books you would like to donate to the classroom libraries, please pack these in your child/rens bags and take them to the following locations:

  • P-4 - put in neighbourhood boxes
  • 5-9 - hand them in at the office.

The Importance of Dog Safety at Point Cook College

Just a short friendly reminder about the importance of dog safety when bringing your dog on to our school grounds:
  • Please remember that only adults are permitted to be in charge of dogs on the college premises and must be responsible for their dog at all times which means making sure the dog is kept a safe distance away from all students (including line-up areas) and other dogs in the college grounds.
  • It is the responsibility of the dog owner to clean up after their dog and remove from school property
  • All dogs must be kept on a hand-held leash.
  • Please do not tie up your dog to the fence line and leave unattended.
  • Only one dog per family is allowed on site at any one time

We thank you for your assistance in this matter as it is important to keep everyone in our college community safe at all times.


Wyndham City Council are looking for crossing supervisors to join their team and help our community! 

The role of School Crossing Supervisor is held in very high esteem in our community. In taking on this role, you'll become vital to the safety of our kids, parents and teachers, and be an important second pair of eyes for local motorists. You'll also grow to be a much-loved familiar face around the school with a unique opportunity to touch the lives of countless families.

Wyndham City Council has multiple casual School Crossing Supervisor positions available at a variety of locations across the Sydney metropolitan area.


Our Prep staff celebrated ‘Twosday’ on Tuesday, 22nd February, 2022 (22/02/2022). This is a date that is noted for its palindromic pattern as it reads the same forwards as it does backwards, but also as it falls on a Tuesday.

On Twosday the prep students used their special magnifying glasses to investigate all of the 'Twos' things they could find in their prep neighbourhood. They were super sluthes finding an array of 'twos' objects!



The perfect holiday program for young people! Activities for the holiday programs include surfing, adventure park, a huddle picnic, soccer day, mountain biking, basketball and an athlete performance day!

Please Click Here for more information and to register.


Week 4 in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden,  the grade 3 and 4’s have cooked a full flavoured Seasonal Fruit Crumble, featuring fresh Peaches and Plums straight from our garden, layered with some Green Apples then topped with a mixture of Berries and Rhubarb!  The final layer was of course the crunchy crumble mixture. 

We served it with a dollop of Vanilla Ice Cream, the kids really enjoyed creating the different layers and were super excited when they knew I had  Ice Cream to serve with it.


Point Cook P-9 College understand how hard small businesses have been hit due to the ongoing pandemic and want to support local businesses within our community in their recovery.

To help our community’s awareness of the small businesses connected to our school, we are offering free space on our website and within the weekly bulletin for promotion.

If you own a small business or know of one that you would like to help support, please send through the below details to point.cook.p9.co@education.vic.gov.au: 

  • Business Name
  • Photo and/or Logo
  • Blurb about the business 
  • Social Media Handles and/or Website URL
We are looking forward to learning more about the businesses in our community and supporting them in their recovery. 

Community businesses that are be promoted on the Point Cook P-9 College website can be found HERE.


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