PCC Bulletin - Term 2, Week 2

Mother's Day
Wishing the mothers and mother figures in our PCC community a very happy mothers day on Sunday 8 May. We hope that it's enjoyed with cuddles, breakfast in bed, hand made cards, and special gifts purchased from our mothers day stall.

We also understand that this day can be difficult for a number of reasons and we are sending our support and care to our community members who may be experiencing loss, longing and hardship at this time.

Our wonderful PCC Office staff organised a gift stall yesterday and today. The stall was a great opportunity for children to purchase a small Mothers Day gift, or for the special person in their lives. We thank Ashley Stephens and Colette Ritchie for leading this opportunity for students to purchase something for their mother and/or, the special people/person in their lives. If you received a gift from our stall, we hope you loved it.

Dealing With Concerns
We thank our parent and carer community who raise concerns with our college. As a college, we do our very best to sort parent/carer concerns effectively and in a timely manner, supporting our students and families as best as we possibly can. 

We also thank our student, parent and carer community who support others and who report behaviours witnessed before and after school. This supports our college in maintaining our high expectations at all times.

As a college, we are in partnership with all our parents and carers within our community and do our best to work together with you. 

We appreciate and thank you for your ongoing support, communication and commitment in keeping our college and aligned with our college values of being LEARNERS, RESPONSIBLE, RESPECT and SAFE. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the college so we can allocate a time to discuss that best suits us all.

Sport Excursion Subsidy
Due to Covid 19 restrictions being imposed in Victoria across the past two years, our students have sadly been unable to participate in sporting excursions.

At Point Cook P-9 College, we want to do everything we can to support our families by getting students back to participate in sporting excursions and activities. PCC and our College Council have determined that these events will be subsidised by the college and will be capped at $15.00 per excursion for each student, for 2022.

We hope this will allow more students to participate in sporting excursions and activities and will promote more active lifestyles for our students.

School Assemblies
We are excited to warmly welcome our community back to our assemblies. Our assemblies are a great opportunity to recognise student achievements with awards and other acknowledgments, as well as being an important forum for sharing information about school events and processes and engaging as our community. All assembly information will be communicated via Compass notification. Next week’s assemblies will be held

Week 3 - Prep -4  Assembly
Monday 9 May - 8:45 - 9:15am

Week 3 - Year 5 - 9 Assembly
Friday 13 May - 2:30 - 3:00pm

As the weather starts to get colder, it is important that we all ensure that children are dressed appropriately for school each day. Please ensure that your child/ren is in full college uniform with a college jumper or jacket to ensure that they are not cold during their break times. Please also ensure that your child/ren have their clothing items named, to ensure that misplaced uniform items are returned and to avoid disappointment if lost.

NAPLAN begins next week (Week 3) on Tuesday 10th May for our Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 students. Students will require the NAPLAN Lockdown Browser installed (please see Compass notification from Mouhamed Mourad) and will need to bring a pair of headphones for their tests. We wish all students the best of luck for NAPLAN. 

Japanese Children’s Day
Thursday 5th of May is Children's day in Japan. As such we flew the school's Koi flags for the first time. The four flags are known as Koinobori and are a famous decoration flown around Japan for Children's day. The large black koi at the top of the pole celebrates the father of the family and is known as Magoi, the red koi second on the pole celebrates the mother of the family and is called Higoi. The third flag which is blue celebrates the boy of the family and the orange koi celebrates any extra siblings which includes the girls in the family. Children's day in Japan initially was Boy's day but was later switched to celebrate all children. These koi flags are flown for the week of children's day to bring good health, fortune and luck to all children that walk beneath. 

P-4 Inquiry Information
This term the P-4 students have started some brand new inquiries. Please have a read over what your child’s year level will be covering:

For term 2 the prep students will be engaging in an inquiry about how living things grow and change. Students will look at the different features of living things, including body parts and will discuss how living things change as they grow. Students will learn about how these living things live in places where their needs are met and how they stay healthy.

Grade 1/2
The Grade 1/2s will be inquiring about how different things move and change. This will include a focus on physical and chemical science such as looking at how materials can be changed or combined for a particular purpose. They may also look at how objects can be moved using push and pull forces and how movement is dependent on the size and shape of an object.  As well as this, students may be investigating how light and sound are produced and sensed. 

Grade 3/4
The Grade 3/4 inquiry cycle runs across 3 different inquires so that all students may participate in our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program which operates throughout the year. The 3 inquires which are running this term include:

Cultural and Community Celebrations- (3/4 J, K, L, M) In this inquiry students will examine traditions they celebrate with their own families. They will explore how different cultures celebrate key events. This will include a focus on how certain cultural celebrations came to be and why they are important. Students will also look at how celebrations have changed in Australia over time and why these changes have taken place.  

SAKP- (3/4 A, B, C, D, E) Students will participate in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden where they will engage in experiences to learn about how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh seasonal foods. This will include sessions in the garden to see how different fruits and vegetables grow from a seed to plants. They will learn valuable life skills for cooking and have the opportunity to prepare delicious meals. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Inquiry- (3/4 F, G, H, I) For this inquiry students investigate what it means to live sustainability in a modern, ever changing word. They will investigate people’s role as consumers on planet Earth and how we can protect our planet. Students will look at ways they can reduce waste in a variety of settings including home, school, the wider community and their world. They will also look at how it is possible to reuse or repurpose items in order to reduce waste and look at the process of recycling. From this students may choose to investigate other sustainable practices and have the opportunity to take action using environmental initiatives.

Long Jump Revamp
The school long jump has have a renovation over the school holidays and is now ready to go for students to utilise! This revamp is going to enhance our students experience in physical education classes.


YARRA Inquiry
As part of our Inquiry topic “How do things move and change?” students from the Yarra Neighbourhood have been cooperating to make large chain reactions using items in the classroom

Check out the Yarra Neighbourhood's Chain Reaction video here: Inquiry Chain Reaction

KAKADU Inquiry
1/2 Kakadu having a great time exploring the different sciences in inquiry this week. We learnt about chemical science, force (physical science) and earth/natural sciences! We are looking forward to learning more about this throughout the term!

Congratulations to our Year 7 & 8 Athlete Development Program boys who won the District Netball Competition on Thursday 5th May. This team now moves onto the Division Netball Competition. Point Cook P-9 College and our community wish them all the best in the next stage of the competition!

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