PCC Bulletin - Term 2, Week 4

NAPLAN - Thank You
Our 2022 NAPLAN process is complete! What a smooth process. A huge thank you to our parents/carers, students, teachers and leaders across our amazing college for all the tremendous support. I can honestly say that I have not seen a smoother NAPLAN process. We especially thank Jenni Gigas for all her support and organisation leading this process across our college.

Education Week
This week (Week 5) is Education Week. This year’s Education Week theme, ‘150 Years of Public Education’, commemorates the past, celebrates the present and imagines the future of education in Victoria.This is an opportunity for our college.

Over the next week, classes will be participating in a range of activities to celebrate the occasion. If you would like to join in, please visit the below DET link for an Education Week toolkit: https://www.vic.gov.au/education-week-2022

COVID and Rapid Antigen Testing Update
Please ensure that we are all doing our part to remain COVID safe. Please make sure that we continue to physically distance as much as possible and with the winter months ahead, it is important that we wash hands, sanitise etc.

As you may be aware, from Monday 23 May, our students and staff will no longer be required to test twice a week. RATs however will be required by students and staff who are household contacts who attend school (5 negative tests over a 7 day period) or who have symptoms.  The ongoing supply of RATs to staff will continue should you need to test if you have symptoms, or if you are a household contact. Please continue to let the college know if you test positive.

We ask our whole community to please ensure that you have downloaded and use the Compass application. Compass is the main source of communication for the college and we send ‘need to know’ information daily. The college is in the process of supporting our parents/carers who are not using the Compass App. This improves our communication and ensures that all communication is received and read.

Student Absence
It is vital that all students attend school (when well) everyday and arrive at our college on time for learning. The college is in the process of improving our college attendance procedures and it is imperative that we all do our best to ensure all students have the best opportunity to learn.

Please take note of the below tables to see the greater impact of daily attendance and lateness to school. We thank you in advance for your support..

Daily Attendance:

Late Arrivals:

Police Presentation
On Tuesday 17th May our year 7 to 9 students were lucky enough to attend an in-school presentation from Victoria Police titled “So You Think You Know?”.

This presentation informed our students about keeping safe in the community, what could be considered weapons, how to avoid anti-social behaviour and how to keep your mates safe, as well as building positive relationships with the officers who work in our community.

This was presented by 2 Officers from the Youth response team at Werribee Police Station and they were thoroughly impressed at the engagement of our students! 

Community Businesses
We have a number of businesses in our community who have done it hard across the last couple of years due to the impacts of COVID. Please visit the community businesses page on the PCC website and support the small businesses in their recovery from the pandemic.

There are new businesses being advertised through this page frequently so remember to come back next week to see more!

If you have a small business or know someone who does, feel free to email point.cook.p9.co@education.vic.gov.au to find out how to promote your business through our website!

Scholastic Book Club – Issue 4 
Issue 4 will close on Sunday 05/06/22. Please click on the link below for more information on book club.

There is a downloadable parent guide to tell you all about book club if you are new to it. 

How to place an order:
Parents & Kids > order now
Place your order
Create an account for first time users > all orders are online only.

Please do NOT send money or orders to school 

Other things…

There are 8 issues per year. Due date for orders to be placed by, will be communicated with teachers and via compass. Deliveries will be to the school if ordered before the closing date. However, you may still order after this date but all orders will be delivered to your home and will incur a home delivery fee of $7.50.

If you do not wish to purchase books you may still wish to look at the catalogues and some of the items may be available at your local council library.

Education Week Art Competiton
To celebrate Education Week, Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre has organised an art competition for local Primary Schools. This will run from the 23rd of May through to the 14th of June.

Below is the Point Cook P-9 College entry. When you pop into the complex be sure to vote for our entry. The winning school will receive a special treat from Officeworks. A couple of local voters may also win a prize from the complex!

Our entry consists of a selection of wire sculpture critters and hand felted leaves made by 5/6 students in class. The background is a silk painting that groups of 5/6 students worked on during lunchtimes. I’m sure you will agree they have done a fabulous job! Our work is about being brave and trying new techniques and materials. Learning happens through experimentation!

Year 8 Science
This week the Year 8’s have been go, go go in science! They have enjoyed doing their sheep heart dissections where they were able to consolidate their knowledge on the structure of the hearts by opening the heart and viewing each of the structures.

The Year 8’s have also been studying Cells and have made some beautiful cell models demonstrated in the image below. They have also been studying the respiratory system where they have been making their own lung models to demonstrate inhalation and exhalation.

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