PCC Bulletin - Term 2, Week 9

Dear parents and carers,

As we have now completed the first half of the 2022 school year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our students, staff, parents and carers for our college successes to date. We are incredibly proud of ALL of you, for your collective and tremendous individual efforts.

Upon announcing my departure from our college, I have been overwhelmed and very humbled by the kind messages, conversations and well wishes I have received. I thank our community for these sentiments, as it has been a pleasure and privilege to lead our college over the first half of 2022. I will miss the positive relationships with you all, as well as the strong and collective focus that our college has on student learning.

You should know that everything that our college does, big or small, is for our student community. Our students are the centrepiece of our college, as we want each and every child to be the very best that they can be! 

Term 3 commences Monday 11 July at 8:30am.

Our Term 3 Curriculum Day is scheduled for Friday 19 August. 

We thank you for a great term. It has certainly been incredible to see the elevated community engagement from our community. 

I know that all our staff are looking forward to welcoming our students back in Semester 2, for another great semester of learning. Until then, please have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable break.

I look forward to hearing about all the successes of our college in the near future and wish you and our whole community all the very best.

Thank you and take care.

Matt Naudi
Acting College Principal

Online Parent/Carer/Student/Teacher Interviews - Thank You
We wish to extend a huge thank you to all our families for attending the online interviews last Tuesday and Wednesday. It was a wonderful opportunity for home and school to work together and celebrate student learning and achievements throughout Semester 1 to their families.

Uniform Policy & Hair Tie Policy
Navnidhi Baden and Naisha Ajmera from 8C presented their proposal for changing the hair tie policy to the PCC College Council at the meeting in Week 8. The students proposed a change in the hair-tie rule for Year 7 – Year 9 students and instead, make it optional. The students suggested hair needs to be tied up only for higher risk classes such as Science, Woodwork, Food Technology and Physical Education.

The College Council were thrilled with the students' research and their presentation. They also thoroughly valued the efforts of these students and their passion for change and progression within our community.

As a result of these students' efforts, a trial period will be in place from Week 1 to Week 6 of Term 3 where students will be able to wear their hair out at school except for during the high-risk classes. Navnidhi Baden, Naisha Ajmera, Kylah Gilvray and Ameesha Weragalage from 8C will review the success of this trial and present their findings to the College Council in Week 8 of Term 3. The College Council and the Executive Team will then consider a permanent change for the new Uniform Policy. Well done to the students involved!

The Resilience Project
In the final part of The Resilience Project's digital series, Hugh shares an important message about allowing our children to experience adversity. 

The key to building resilience in our children is allowing them to experience failure, hardship, disappointment etc. As parents, we can be too quick to resolve our children's challenges which can deprive our children of enormous growth opportunities. These typically happen when we experience failure and uncertainty. As parents we should be there for our children when they fail, but not fight their battles for them.  

View Part 5 of the series here - Summary https://theresilienceproject.com.au/parent-and-carer-hub-hugh/ 

Thank you for participating in this Parent and Carer Digital Presentation series. You can re-watch the videos and access activities and resources anytime via the Parent & Carer Hub.

You can also stay up to date with The Resilience Project news and events by signing up to their Newsletter.

Year 7 Science
Our year 7’s in Science have been busily learning about The Periodic Table and have made fantastic 3D  Atomic models of some of the elements.

Design Technology
The Design Technology students have been hard at work nearing the end of the semester. The 5/6’s have been using their hand made ping pong paddle and playing championship games to find out the winner! The Year 7’s have been finishing their last Japanese puzzle using the laser cutter to create their own Hikimi Puzzle! Lastly, the Furniture students have been putting their final touches on their interpretation of a side table. Well done to all students!

Prep Animal Hunt
Our Preps have been on the look out for Australian animals this week. We discovered that our kitchen garden had some very special visitors, waiting to be found.

Hands on Learning
The Hands On Learning team have been hard at work creating extra seating for students. The picnic tables and chairs are a creation of our wonderful team. Congratulations on your contribution to our college. May they last for many many years.

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