PCC Bulletin - Term 3, Week 1

Good afternoon families, 

I hope you all had a nice break and were able to enjoy the school holidays. 

I am extremely honoured to be asked to lead the College this term and work with our amazing community. My priority is our students and ensuring they are safe, happy and learning. If you have concerns at any time, please be sure to contact your child’s classroom teacher or Year Level Leader, as they work with your child on a daily basis. If there is a serious matter which is required to be discussed with the College, our Leadership team are more than happy to support you with this. 

As mentioned in the media over the break, Victoria is again faced with staffing challenges due to illness, leave requests and staff moving on to other schools as well as other careers. Please be assured, this issue is not only related to Point Cook College but is an issue across the state of Victoria for all schools. 

At the end of last term, we farewelled the below staff who were successful in gaining positions at new schools: 

Lauren Roman - teaching VCE
Esmir Music - secured a permanent position
Raaziya Ahmed - completed her internship and was successful in gaining a position closer to home.

Over the holidays, Jeff Wilson successfully secured an Acting Assistant Principal position which is a great opportunity for him.

Eden Krnac will be taking leave for the remainder of the Term to focus on her studies. She will however be available from time to time to support staff absences.

We currently have a number of positions advertised with the Department which we hope to appoint shortly. This process is quite timely. It is a minimum 2 week process to advertise the position on the department recruiting system. Once a position closes, a panel must be formed and applications read. Applications are a minimum of 10 pages and unfortunately this takes time. A panel is formed to read applications. Our staff are doing this in their own time.  The panel then meets to discuss and decide who is best to interview for the role. Interviews for each person are approximately 45mins each.  Once someone is successfully appointed, I then need to negotiate with their current principal to move to Point Cook College. Sometimes this can take 4 weeks to complete as the other school needs time to replace that teacher. 

As a College we want to ensure our students are able to participate in as many extracurricular activities as possible, so we will do our best to try and run camps, excursions and sporting events despite the number of staff absences we may face.

Over the past two years we have been trialling using Continuous Reports at Point Cook College to keep families up to date with their child’s learning progress. The data we have collected during this trial has shown us that we need to make some necessary changes to improve our Continuous Reports. As a result, we are going to put a hold on Continuous Reports for this Term while we investigate the necessary changes. Please continue to check in with your child’s teacher to keep you informed of how they are progressing in their studies.

The goals and achievements you have seen to this date will stay as they are, however, they will not be added to throughout Term 3.

Towards the end of last term, we put a survey out to the community asking for feedback on the Weekly Bulletin. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. We had some very positive feedback with families expressing their gratitude for the diverse information and news from our college! There is a keen interest from our families to see more about student learning and the curriculum at Point Cook P-9 College. As a result, we will be implementing cohort newsletters which will be distributed twice termly starting in Week 3 this term!

I appreciate your support and look forward to a positive and rewarding Term 3 for our entire Point Cook College community.

Tracy Peters
Acting College Principal

The first week in July is recognised as NAIDOC week, which is an opportunity for all Australians to come together to celebrate the rich history, diverse cultures and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the oldest continuing culture on the planet. This year’s theme is  Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

The meaning behind the theme is to promote unity through Australians working together, raising our voices around challenges including racism, environmental and cultural protections and asking for Constitutional change. We all need to work together to close the gap between current reality, good intent and successful outcomes.

NAIDOC week is also time to celebrate the First Nation’s champions who have driven and led change within the community. This year’s award winners have been announced  and you can read more about their achievements here https://www.naidoc.org.au/awards/winner-profiles

  • Person of the Year Award – Ash Barty.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr Stanley Grant Snr.
  • Female Elder Award – Dr Lois Peeler AM.
  • Male Elder Award – Uncle Jack Charles.
  • Sportsperson Award – Buddy Franklin.
  • Youth Award – Elijah Manis.
  • Creative Talent Award – Lowell Hunter.

PCC is proud to have celebrated the many contributions of our First Nation’s community by acknowledging NAIDOC week during the first week of Term 3. 

Students have been earning about NAIDOC week in class, and have been invited to engage in lunchtime activities throughout the week which included colouring, puzzles, bookmark making, flag making and boomerang making.

We encourage you to talk to your children about their learning and the events of the week - Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

Prep Enrolments

Scholastic Book Club Issue 5
Issue 5 of the book club is now out. 3rd last issue for the year. Please remember that all orders are online only. Please follow the instructions on the back page of the brochure for ordering. Orders close on July 25. Some of the items in the brochures may be available to read for free from your local council library.

Please contact the library with any questions.

Attendance information has been frequent in our weekly bulletins due to the impact attendance can have on students' achievements during their schooling years. We have now made attendance information (absence, late arrivals, early leavers & medical certificates) easily accessible to families via the college website: www.pcc.vic.edu.au 

If you would like further information on attendance, please contact our attendance officer via phone: (03) 8348 7107 or email: attendance@pcc.vic.edu.au.

Upcoming excursions and incursions for all students can be found on Compass as well as on the Community Calendar. The detail for each excursion/incursion will be outlined on Compass through your ‘events’ page. This detail will include the purpose, date and location of the excursion/incursion, what students will need to bring and wear and the due date for payment and consent. 

With all excursions and incursions, there are strict deadlines for payment and consent which must be adhered to by the college. More often than not, this is due to logistical arrangements and payment deadlines required by the organisations running the excursions. We appreciate your time and effort to help us meet our deadlines by paying and consenting through Compass.

Year 5/6 Sport
The following students represented the school in the divisional sports tournament for Tee-ball: 

Our students had an epic day of competing against other schools from across the community at Greenwich reserve. 

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