PCC Bulletin - Term 3, Week 2

Dear Parents and Carers,

Each morning I have been doing yard duty at the front on the college. It has been great to see our students crossing the road safely and using the school crossing on Ponsford Drive. I want to also thank our parents who are driving students to school and are dropping students off safely and not double parking.

I was very privileged to attend the Green Gang meeting today. The students have been writing letters asking for support to implement their ideas to make PCC a more sustainable school. Today we decided on moving forward with two projects - The Frog Hotel and Classroom Composting. The students will be organising a fundraising event to support these projects this term.


Today the Starlight foundation came to collect all the toys which were donated to the college. I would like to thank our student leaders for the work they did to support this great foundation. The representative was very humbled by the work the students have done.

Next week our staff will be sharing curriculum newsletters with our communities.  These newsletters will outline the curriculum that will be taught this term and upcoming events.

Again we thank you for your support.

Tracy Peters

PCC Event Covid Impact 
Given the current circumstances in Victoria we understand there could be concerns regarding payments for upcoming events at PCC. We want to assure you that if you have paid for your child to attend an event and they receive a positive Covid19 test result you will receive a full refund/credit.

If this does happen to you please contact the office and we will provide you with a refund form for you to complete and return. You will need to provide the email and or text message from DHHS stating your child’s reference number along with the refund form.

Following government regulations, if your child is a household contact then your child will still be able to attend the event.

If your child has cold or flu like symptoms however is testing negative to Covid19, you will need to produce a medical certificate to be eligible for a full refund/credit.

If you have any questions please contact the College on 8348 7100.

PCC Book Week Celebrations
Book Week is coming up soon. As it’s in the same week as our Prep-2 Swimming program we are going to hold our Book Week Celebration a week earlier starting on Monday 15th August (which coincides with our Week 6, Prep-4 Assembly).

On Monday 15th August we invite all Prep-4 students to dress-up as their favourite book week character and will share our costumes in a parade at our assembly. Please note, you do not need to purchase a costume for this event. Please look around your home to see what you have available and make a costume with your child/ren if you have the time.

We will also be running activities throughout the week relating to the books that are in the spotlight for this year’s book week awards, so that we can continue to encourage our students to enjoy the power of reading. 

Preps 100 Days of School Celebration
Since starting their first day of their Prep year, the Prep students have been keeping track of how many days they have been at school and on Monday 1st August, the Prep teachers and students will be celebrating 100 days. This day will be celebrated with lots of activities and focusing on the number 100.

In addition to this, the Prep teachers will be dressing up and also invite all of our Prep students to dress up as well to the theme of "100 year old". We can't wait to see you all in the costumes you create and we are looking forward to a really fun day at school.

Please note that snack and lunch will still need to be provided as the normal prep timetable will still be operating.

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2022 – 6 weeks to go!
The Premier’s Reading challenge finishes on August 26 at PCC. The website does state 2nd September but the librarian needs time to verify all read books.

P-2 students need to read 30 books of which 20 must be challenge books and years 3-9 must read 15 books of which 10 must be challenge books.

Parents are responsible for logging books read on the website. https://www.vic.gov.au/school-student-and-parents-taking-part-premiers-reading-challenge

Please contact your child’s teacher or the library if you need the codes again.

Congratulations to all the students who have already managed to successfully complete the challenge. There are 50 of you! Certificates usually come out in November.

Any queries? Please contact the library.

Starlight Foundation
From the 22nd to 24th of June 2022, Point Cook College raised funds through multiple student led activities for the Starlight foundation. Our students organised several events such as a teacher-student netball and basketball matches, pie face, beans guessing and casual dress.

The event was initiated by Addison Vella-Cardona and Kaylee Hydes (both from 7C) and Alexia Mandanici (7E). Carmen Rosini (7D) then initiated a toy donation drive to collect new toys for the children supported by Starlight foundation.

It was subsequently supported and organised by the Student Leadership Council.

Our students raised about $1,100 to help the foundation. They also collected several boxes of new toys.

According to Addison, she was inspired to help after witnessing the pain of someone who had cancer. “I want to help ease their pain”.

SLC co-President and school captain Selma Ariff Syah noted that “The SLC has an obligation to help those in need. Even though we live in a privileged country, there are those who have less than us so we should give back what we can.”

For Carmen Rosini, “I know the sick kids' parents are struggling to buy stuff for their kids as they have a lot of stress and have to pay for their kids' treatment and medication. I want to help them”

Acting College Principal Tracy Peters remarked on how compassionate our students are. “These students represent the best of what PCC is about.  I am really proud of them.”

Ms Raaziya Ahmed and Mr Zul Shariff supported our students in their efforts.

While it is a cold and chilly time of year in the garden our citrus fruits are at their peak.

We have limes, lemons, and oranges all bursting with fresh tangy goodness to go into the delicious SAKG muffins that participating students of the program have been preparing this week.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our massive pumpkin harvest from last term has been stored away just waiting to be the main ingredient, along with collected spring union, for the yummy cheesy pumpkin scones.

This terms students are benefiting from all the hard work done by last semester's cohort but they will be building on their skills and knowledge doing plenty of gardening tasks in the next few weeks to have the garden bursting with life once Spring has sprung.

Werribee VFL Health & Wellbeing Workshops

Students had the opportunity to visit Werribee Football Club and Invicta Performance where they took part in a Football Workshop with Hamish MacInnes and Mar Gattek. They also got to do some Injury mitigation exercise, recovery and ice baths with Scott Graham, Byron Manning, Jmara Hockley and James Welsh.

Our students also attended a Nutrition seminar with Adelle Kent and Phoebe Sheen where they got to learn about healthy eating for sport and food preparation. They even got to make burrito bowls!

UPCOMING DUE DATES (Consent & Payment)


Consent due date

Year level

Event date

Australian maths Competition


Year 3-9


ICAS -Science


Year 3-9


Champion Cup Basketball


Year 8-9 (Selected Students)




Year 8-9 (Selected Students)




Year 1/2 (C H I J K L)




Year 1/2 (A B D E F G)


Melbourne Museum


Year 7


Year 9 basketball


Year 9


District Athletics


Year 4-6 (Selected Students)


Year 9 Table Tennis


Year 9


Lady Northcote camp 1


Year 3/4

29/8/22 - 31/8/22

Lady Northcote camp 2


Year 3/4

31/8/22 - 2/9/22

Prep Toy Over Time




Gilmore CERES


Year 3/4


Year 8 Table Tennis


Year 8


Year 8 Basketball


Year 8


year 7 Table Tennis


Year 7


Hobson bay Athletics


Year 7-9 (Selected Students)


Melbourne Musem-HAP


Year 7-8 (HAP )


Artvo Gallery-Photography Excursion


Year 8-9 (Selected Students)


Canberra Camp


Year 5/6

13/11/22 - 18/11/22

Melbourne City Year 9 Camp


Year 9

14/11/22 - 18/11/22

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