PCC Bulletin - Term 3, Week 6

This week we started with our Book Week dress up day! There were so many amazing costumes! The P-6’s had an amazing time at their individual parades. Next week classes will participate in Book Week Activities.

Today our staff have been working collaboratively to build their capacity in improving students learning. Staff worked in teams to focus on areas of learning that our students are finding challenging. Teachers create strategies and plans for supporting the students in their classroom, unpacking these challenges to move forward.

The Department of Education has asked schools to remind students and families about the mobile phone policies in school. All phones must be locked away in a school locker or lock box in primary classes. Any phones which are not locked away will be confiscated and parents will be asked to collect the phone from the office. It is important that parents and carers revisit our Mobile Phone Policy and support us by ensuring students keep mobile phones locked away or not brought to school at all. Please access the Point Cook P-9 College mobile phone policy using the following link: https://www.pcc.vic.edu.au/source/PCC%20Mobile%20Phones%20Policy.pdf 

Our Prep-2 students start their Swimming Program on Monday. We are excited to be restarting the swimming program for our students at PCC. The new skills students will learn will support them to be safe in and around water. This is especially important as summer draws closer!

I want to thank all our staff and families who have been very proactive with wearing masks, sanitising, testing and staying home when they are sick. This has helped us significantly reduce the number of positive cases over the last week.

Please remember Monday 5th September is a student free day and you will need to have organised care or alternate arrangements for your students.

Thank you to the families who were invited to complete the Parent/Carer/Guardian Opinion Survey. Today is the last day to complete the survey, so if you have been invited please log in and complete the survey. This feedback is important to the college, so that we can continually improve on the work we are doing.

Have a great weekend.

Tracy Peters
Acting College Principal

2023 Prep Enrolments
Planning for 2023 at Point Cook P-9 College has now commenced.

If you are planning to enrol your child at our college for 2023, we would appreciate you notifying our office as soon as possible. This will assist us to plan for a successful start for your child next year.

We are also needing to know your intentions regarding your child’s enrolment so that we can invite you to a Parent/Carer Information Evening. At the Information Evening you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s 2023 teaching team and receive important information regarding how to assist your child to successfully prepare to start school with us next year.

If you have any questions or you wish to discuss your child’s enrolment at our college, please don’t hesitate to contact me or the office on 8348-7100.

Kind Regards,
Jenni Gigas
Prep-Year 4 Sub School Principal

National Science Week - 15 August – 17 August 2022
This year at PCC, we celebrated National Science Week over three days. During lunch, students were invited to witness some cool Science demonstrations and allowed to be a part of many hands-on activities. They had lots of fun learning about how Science was used in the Fitzroy Storm Glass, Liquid Hand Boilers and Galileo’s thermometer. You could hear their giggles and screeching echo all through the science building. They were very excited about making teabag rockets, using the vacuum hands and finished off by making fizzy flavoured sherbet that they got to take home. A big thank you to Loretta and Pratima that sourced out/tested these various activities and an amazing Science team that gave up three of their lunch breaks to make sure that our students had fun in their Science Week. 

Thank you,
Ms Jessila Reddy (Science Curriculum Leader)

Lamont Book Fair
PCC will be holding a book fair on August 30 - 1st September with quality books from Lamont Books. Their aim is to bring a joy and excitement about books and reading to every school. Students will get a chance to preview the books during the day with the fair open to selling books after school on the Tuesday, August 30, Wednesday August 31 and Thursday September 1. All payments will be by credit card only on the day. It will be held in the school library just off the reception.

Please contact the library with any queries.

Scholastic Book club brochure #6
Issue 6 is now out. It is the last one for the term.
Orders will close on Sunday August 28. Please online orders only. See the back page for instructions on how to do this.

Please direct any queries to the library.

Australian Girls’ Choir Workshop
The Australian School of Performing Arts (part of the Australian Girls’ Choir) will be coming to PCC at 9:30am on 16/9/22 to hold a free 30 minute workshop for all interested girls from P-9.

Please see the flyer attached outlining the details. If your daughter received a hard copy of the flyer where you can complete the permission slip, please return to school (homeroom teacher OR the office) by Wednesday 31st August

Families also have the option to register their daughter online through the Australian School of Performing Arts by Wednesday 31st August. Please CLICK HERE to view the flyer outlining all of the relevant details and how to register online.

The Resilience Project
Click HERE to view the resilience project school newsletter.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG)
This week in the SAKG kitchen, Kylie and Alcott teachers supported our students to create Apricot and Apple Danish’s as well as some very delicious and juicy Blueberry Muffins.

Our classes were divided into half for the students to watch the teachers cooking demonstration, which is a step by step guide of what to do. Then the students branch off into their own kitchens to complete their task. 

These sessions were once again was a huge success, with the students enormously proud of their accomplishments. Well done 3/ 4’s, you guys are amazing!

Toy Incursion
This incursion linked the Prep's inquiry unit on Toys in the past. Students were involved in a play-based learning incursion where they rotated through several stations exploring the histories, facts and design variables across a range of toy themes. Students discovered how toys have evolved by exploring their movements, cultural significance and the materials they are made from.

Year 8 Basketball 
The PCC Year 8 Basketball teams competed in the Hobson Bay Division basketball tournament on Thursday 18th August. Both teams made it to the grand final, competed very well and represented the college with great spirit but unfortunately just fell short in the final.

Congratulations to both teams finishing Runners up! A fantastic effort!

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