College History

Point Cook College opened in January 2010 as the re-location of Point Cook Primary school. Point Cook Primary School was established in 1923 and is unique in that it was situated on Commonwealth land within an active RAAF base. The school was initially developed to provide education for the children of RAAF families living on the base but also accepted enrolments from local Werribee South residents.


Point Cook Primary school continued to have very close ties with the RAAF throughout its time at RAAF Williams Point Cook Base yet was under the jurisdiction and funding of the Victorian Education Department. The school enrolment numbers fluctuated over the years depending on the RAAF units deployed on the base and the cycle of RAAF postings. By 1994 the pupil numbers had dropped to 43 students and two staff and the school was considered for closure. At that stage Point Cook was basically a rural community with a population of approximately 580, of whom 552 lived on the RAAF base. By 2001, Point Cook’s population increased to 1,737, and by August 2006 the population was 14,162. During this time the pupil numbers at Point Cook Primary school continued to increase peaking at 350 in 2009. This continued growth was the driving force in the decision to re-locate into a new facility within the Point Cook community.


In 2010 Point Cook Prep - Year College opened its door for the first time to approximately 800 pupils in a newly designed state of the art 21st century facility. The College is part of a new provisioning model of Private Public Partnerships.


As stated in the 2002 Point Cook Primary School Charter “the community has a firm commitment to preserving the traditions and culture of the school that is highly valued while focusing on the exciting challenges to be confronted in the future” This statement still rings true today.


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