Athlete Development Program

At Point Cook College, we are proudly offering a high performance athlete development program to assist our emerging athletes in their pursuit of sporting and academic excellence. We will provide the best possible environment for young athletes in developing their sporting attributes and their sporting pathways to a future in their chosen field.

The ADP is an environment that not only nurtures young talent, but harnesses that potential, instilling our core values of We are Learners, We are Responsible, We are respectful, We are safe. Students are supported in becoming well rounded individuals, with a great work ethic and an emphasis on academic enthusiasm. Athletes are continually learning how to get the best out of themselves in all aspects of their education and sporting journey.

The outline of “The High Performance Program” consists of up to 4 x 50-minute sessions per week in years 7 - 9 in addition to Health and Physical Education classes. The High Performance Program curriculum involves strength and conditioning training, recovery sessions, personal development, leadership and relevant consultancy sessions (e.g. nutrition of an athlete, guest speakers, leadership and coaching, excursion to elite sporting venues may be among the opportunities provided). 


Students are able to take part in the program through a select entry process, and must demonstrate excellent athletic abilities, outstanding behaviour and dedication to their academics. The application process for the ADP program is available on the college webpage and students will also have to also attend a physical fitness trial to become successful in the program.  


Athlete Development Program information video can be viewed here.




Purpose vision and values:


Purpose: To develop each student athlete to maximise their potential athletically, academically.


Vision: ​​To provide a pathway program to students while at school to assist them in their pursuit of sporting and academic excellence.


Values: Athlete development/sports academy students will operate under the motto;





We are SAFE




The Athlete Development Program will run within the school timetable and includes the following:

  • 4 x 50-minute sessions per week in years 7 - 9 in addition to Health and Physical Education classes.
  • Timetabled strength and conditioning sessions tailored to the specific student’s sport
  • Timetabled theory sessions aimed at developing the athlete




If you would like to apply for a position at the Point Cook Athlete Development Program please fill out our on-line application form. Please see below to access the application form via the link. Applications close Friday 7th October 2022


All new applicants must participate in a testing day. Date to be advised.



Athlete Agreement:
All Student Athletes at Point Cook College are expected to maintain a high standard in education and sport. All student Athletes enter into a student athlete agreement detailing all expectations. 


If you have any questions please contact our Athlete Development and Sports Academy Coordinator Matt Wilkinson.
Ph: 03 83487100


2023 Athlete Development Application Form


2023 Athlete Development Program - Athlete Agreement


2023 Athlete Development Flyer




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