Prep Students 2022


Starting Prep is the beginning of the Primary years of a child’s education. During these years at PCC all students are laying the foundation for the future.


This is their first formal school setting and teachers in these years work on building self-confidence, independence as well as social, physical and academic skills. During the first years of learning all teachers at PCC aim to create a safe and happy environment where students are valued, praised and encouraged to take a risk.


To learn more about starting Prep at PCC, please see our Prep 2022 Handbook 


Year 7 Students 2022


Years 7 makes up an integral part of the Middle Years of a child’s education. During the Middle Years, we aim to provide students with various opportunities to develop both breadth and depth in their learning and ensure that they are ready to follow their learning pathway into the Senior Years.


Middle Years students are young adolescents who are going through a period of rapid emotional, physical and intellectual development; therefore the curriculum offered is designed to engage the students in their learning by making authentic connections between classroom learning and real life.


For further information regarding commencing Year 7 at PCC, please see our Year 7 2022 Handbook 



Year 8 & 9 Electives 2022


Year 8 2022 Electives Handbook

Year 9 2022 Electives Handbook


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