Learning Resources

Particularly during these challenging times due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is extremely valuable that our students have access to online subscriptions and online learning resouces. The school will do our upmost to support our students in their learning goals. Teachers may set tasks within the platforms you have subscribed to (links below). We have also linked a few free sites that may offer your child additional or different resources if you feel they need these.


PCC Isolation Learning Packs: 

The below are updated hard copy packs that have been put together for our students to access during lockdown. There are enough tasks in each pack to last for three weeks. We encourage the focus to be on quality not quantity!


Learning Packs - Set 2


Years 1 & 2

Years 3 & 4


Learning Packs - Set 1

Foundation (Prep)

Years 1/2 

Years 3/4

Years 5/6


Links to PCC Subscriptions:

The below links are online tools that make up part of our curriculum. Direct links to these sites are here for your convenience.


Preps - Year 2


Reading Eggs




Years 3 & 4

Reading Eggs



Years 5 & 6



Years 7 - 9

Education Perfect



Additional Student Resources

Story Time

ABC Kids

Colouring In


National Geographic

Minecraft Education





Museums Victoria 

Phillip Island Nature Parks


Onsite Learning Request

In order for your child to access onsite learning during a Lockdown period, the below form must be completed and accompanised with proof that both parents are working as an essential worker, and are not available to supervise home learning. Students considered vulnerable are also accepted onsite. Once forms and evidence have been provided you will receive confirmation. Point Cook College Onsite Attendance Form Aug21.


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