1:1 BYOD Program

1:1 BYOD Program


As a 21st Century Learning Community, Point Cook P-9 College is committed to leading change with students and their families.


Point Cook P-9 College has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program from Prep to Year 9. The BYOD Program means families are requested to supply a device for their own child. It is not compulsory; however, we encourage all families to participate.


It is important that you understand that the device does not replace traditional pen and paper activities. We still believe there is a place for these tools today and in the future. The device is used during certain times in the day and when needed to support student learning. Students will continue to interact with each other face-to-face during class times.


We are continuously seeing the benefits that the 1:1 program can bring to broadening student learning, digital competencies, increased student choice and the personalisation of learning for our students.


Prep to Grade 4

Years 5 to 9

In Prep to Grade 4 we run an iPad Program We also have an equity of access trolley banks available to assist with learning programs and testing.


Suitable and compatible devices (minimum)


Apple iPad 8th Gen Wifi Only 64GB

Apple iPad mini 6th Gen Wifi Only 64GB or above

In Years 5 to 9 we run a 1:1 Device Program using Apple and Windows 10/11 devices.


Both types of devices are supported. However, it is preferred that students use a windows device as this is what will be used in senior levels.


Suitable and compatible devices (minimum)


Windows 10/11 – Notebook 2018

Core i5 / 256GB SSD / 8GB Ram or above

Apple – Macbook Air 2018

Core i5 / 256GB SSD / 8GB Ram or above


Suitable and compatible operating systems are: (as minimum)


Windows device – Windows 10/11

Apple MacBook – macOS 10.13 or higher



Acceptable Use Policy

Our Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) is reviewed annually. This process is completed via a digital link sent out to Parents/Guardians via email.  


Digital Services Provided


Google Apps for Education (GAFE)


Office 365 

Education Perfect

Adobe Creative Cloud (Years 7 to 9 only)


Reading Eggs

Languages Online

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