Prep – Year 4


Point Cook College Junior School is structured to provide support and a nurturing environment in which young children develop socially, emotionally and intellectually. During these early years, there is a genuine focus on fostering students’ intellectual and emotional development while focussing on Individual differences in learning to ensure each student’s potential is identified and developed.


Providing a focus on the early development of literacy, numeracy and a broad range of learning opportunities. Our team engage in relevant, challenging and significant foundation skills for all learners. It provides opportunities for students to build meaningful and thoughtful approaches to their learning journey. At PCC we believe that creating a love of learning we are setting your child up for their education journey.


The Junior School classroom teachers specialise in the needs of young students from Prep to Year 4. Early years development is not just focussed on academic achievement, but also social and emotional development. By taking a holistic approach to the development of our young students, we aim to create successful foundations that set your child up for success.













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