High Achievers Program

The Point Cook College High Achiever Program provides additional opportunities for high achieving students. It recognises a broad definition of achievement, embracing and encouraging excellence in all forms of intellectual, academic and creative endeavour.


Our High Acheivers Program (HAP) is designed to offer high achieving learners, who have been identified as very capable and committed, the opportunity to work in a challenging and stimulating environment with students of similar ability. The team of teachers delivering this program create learning situations that will allow these students to achieve their maximum potential and enable students to gain broader and deeper knowledge with the capacity for critical thinking.


The aim of the High Achiever Program is for students to:

  1. Access advanced curriculum to extend and motivate students to achieve excellence
  2. Address the individual academic needs of high achieving students
  3. Incorporate programs to encourage the development the 21st century learning competencies
  4. Develop deep understanding and critical thinking skills
  5. Enhance their ability to work with more abstract and in-depth course material
  6. Become effective problem solvers
  7. Extend their analytic and creative skills
  8. Successfully work as independent and cooperative learner


To learn more about our High Acheivers Program, please contact our office on (03) 8348 7100


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